Friday, May 6, 2011

Carson & Cali Birthday Weekend (With A Little Intermission)

We got there and said hello to the 2 most blue eyed kids in the world....
And about 14 hours after arriving, Addie got a low grade temp, said her stomach was hurting and was just NOT HERSELF... kinda out of it so within 8 minutes we were packed up and outta their house and checked into... 
 ...a hotel where Carter was allowed to jump on the bed for the very first time! He and dad played lots of Leapster and we watched 3 movies in a row!
 Addie and I took a long bath.... see, we were just in waiting mode.
 You ask "Why?" Well, that would be because 9 out of the 15 kids in Addie's class were slammed between Monday and Friday with one the worst stomach bugs I have ever seen. Several of her friends where throwing up for DAYS (not hours)! One of her friends even had to be hospitalized for dehydration. We thought we had made it through until she started acting a little too calm. So we played with babies and just waited....

 The crazy thing was that she KEPT eating (she definitely didn't ever loose her appetite.)
While we were waiting for the stomach bug to hit, we went swimming in the hotel's hot tub. She was feeling great but just wanted to make sure that everything was working perfectly and the main reason was we didn't want to pass anything along to Carson and Cali!
 We made the most of it.
After about 20 hours of nothing substantial happening, the temperature breaking and Addie acting much more like herself, we headed back to the party where 50 of Carson and Cali's friends & family were going to be arriving soon.
 We were celebrating our nephew Carson turning three!
 And Cali turning the BIG ONE!

One of my favorite's of the weekend...
 Cali got her very first baby doll! Look at the genuine smile on mom's face!
All the Brown side cousins - Carson (2) Cali (1) Carter (4) Addie (almost 3) Kaylee (5) Sean (7) Rose (almost 2)
 All the cousins helped Cali open some of her gifts.
 Another favorite... 'The Brown Twins' with their baby girls!

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The Perkins Family said...

Are these with your new lens? Do you love it!?!? :)

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