Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carnival Party At Kiddie Park

This party's location was significant for me and my mom because we had both had our 3rd or 4th birthday's at this very park 28 and 59 years ago. This was a 3rd generation Kiddie Park Party!
This party was special because it was with her best friend, Ella. Double the fun!!
Addie made sure to make a lot of time for rides.
The lemonade was the hot item of the party!
...and so were the Ring Pops!
Everyone loved the glittered hats, sun glasses and silly straws!
Even my two sisters and myself.
My handsome boys.
Addie almost had a moment of "It's my party and I will pout if I want to." But sweet cousin Macy was there for support and a shot of lemonade and quick snack quickly squashed that mood!
We filled up Kiddie Park with 70 people, mostly family with the girls turning three years old. They got to invite their two best friends from school!
Then it was time for pizza, fruit and cupcakes!!!
It was the most perfect day we could have ever imagined surrounded by the most influential and amazing people, celebrating the lives of these two magnificent girls!
Addie Brown - Your daddy and I love you SO MUCH and we couldn't ask for a more amazing daughter!  Happy 3rd Birthday!

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