Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter From Your Mommy

**I look forward each year to writing a letter to each of my kids telling them about themselves through my eyes.** Carter at 4, Addie at 2 from mommy, Addie at 2 from daddy

Dearest Addie,

Today you are three! Here comes the cliche of "I can't believe my baby is already three years old!" Although it is true, I love every second of the age you are now. I wouldn't wish you a day younger nor older. You are just perfect.
At three, I love your continued independence. You amaze me everyday at how willing you are to always try something new. Just the other evening, as I was making dinner, Carter was in trouble and spending some time in his room settling down. I looked outside to find you jumping on the trampoline and twenty minutes later, you were lounging underneath it with Maverick in the shade. Or how about a few nights ago, you kept telling me you weren't quite ready for a bath yet. After washing Carter and finding your clothes near my feet in the bathroom, I found you outside again just enjoying the beautiful spring night in your birthday suit.
At three, I love that you are the absolute balance of a "girly girl" and a "tough tom-boy." I get so excited to see you beg to get your nails painted and stay perfectly still while each one of your ten fingers and ten toes are painted pink. Or the recent time you insisted on striking a pose to get your picture taken a hundred times while your bother was playing soccer in the background.
On the flip side, I can always count on you being the first to pick up a big, cool bug for your brother when he is afraid or un-hook a freshly caught perch while at the lake. You just want to do anything that your big brother can do and many things he is scared to death of. For instance, you were quick to prove that Carter could walk on your back with no problems.
I love your patience every single morning while brushing your amazing hair. I remember at your age screaming bloody murder while my mom combed through my curls. You have never once complained during the five step process of getting your hair under control in the mornings and I thank my lucky starts each day for this maturity.
You are more polite that I ever could imagine a three year old could be. You make my heart swell up with pride when I hear you tell a complete stranger "thank you," after they have told you you have beautiful curls.
Everyday your dad and I look at one another and say, "Can you believe this? How lucky did we get?!? She is soooo awesome!!!" We love you more than you will ever know and as you just told me tonight, "I love you more than to the Beast Castle and back!"


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