Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Addie's Top 10 List At 3 Years Old Cont'd (1-5)

**This post is a continuation. Please first see yesterday's post with #1-5**

5. Princess Books and Movies
Addie's love of book as grown over this year and we are currently at a all time high. She loves to read and she is always "packing up" books to take with Baby Marcie on trips. Her favorite for Marcie is her tiny little white Bible.
4. Dogs and Other Animals
I know this was on last year's list and nothing has changed. Addie always makes time for the dogs and anyother animal she finds including a recent turtle and a family of birds we watched grow and eventually learn to fly over the last 6 weeks.
Addie was fearless on this day, the first time ever to see a turtle up close. After she snatched the littel guy up, she insisted on introducing him to Maverick.
3. Mommy OR Daddy
Blake and I would agree that Addie is an equally fierce momma's girl AND daddy's girl, depending on the day and more importantly her mood. There are days were she wants mommy to do everything with her and equal days where daddy is the only one she wants to help her out. She loves to cuddle with both of us tells us both that she has 3 best friends - "momma is her best friend, dadda is her best friend and Bubba is her best friend." I wouldn't change a thing and love how she depends on all 3 of us for love and support.

2. Coloring/Folding/Writing
Meme made this passion even more amazing when she opened her birthday present this past weekend. Meme had spent weeks putting together the most perfect gift for Miss Addie... 2 plastic organizers filled to the brim with paper, stamps, colors, markers, stickers and anything else you could imagine a three year old arts and crafts girl could ever want. Thank you Meme for making one happy little girl with your well-thought our birthday gift! :)

1. Carter (still calls him her Bubba)
Whether it's just hanging out together...
Or Addie right by his side proving that she can do anything he can do...
Or perhaps telling him what to do...
As independent as she is, Addie wants to be with her brother every single waking minute. I pray this relationship continues every year of their lives.
In three short days, you will officially be able to hold up those 3 fingers sweet girl!

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Brooke said...

That looks like one awesome CaBoodle if you ask me! My brother and I are 18 months apart and, except for a few years in Jr. High, we remain close to this day. I have no doubt your two will be that lucky. Happy 3rd Addie!

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