Friday, May 13, 2011

Remembering Addie at Almost 3: My Own Disney Princess

The 2nd half of Addie's 3rd year (2.5 - 3 years old) has been filled with getting to know the 5 classic Disney Princesses. Although she has watched most of the full length movies, we read about them in detail nearly every night in her 3 Princess books including Princess: The Essential Guide.

Over the last few weeks, as we are reading the details about each young lady including their favorite things and their worlds, I can't help but notice how Addie at nearly three years old has one HUGE similarity to each of the unique princesses.
AURORA a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty - Addie definitely wouldn't be described as gentle like Aurora but she does have her sweet and pure voice and love of singing. In the last several months, Addie will be alone in her room just singing a made up song about Princesses. She loves to sing and perform for people already and I see many future living room performances in the Brown house!
Snow White - Addie and Snow White have a similar passion and love for animals. Addie continues to to be extraordinarily attracted in animals especially dogs as she nears three years old.
Ariel - Ariel is described as a "determined and headstrong, usually getting her own way." They go on to say, "Ariel is funny and brave." I really don't think I could sum up Addie's personality at 3 years old any better. ;)
Jasmine - "Jasmine longs for adventure and excitement and to be free to make her own choices. She is FIERCELY independent and intelligent." This was another sentence in the very detailed book that blatantly stands out to me when describing Addie.
Belle - Belle is described as "clever girl who makes good judgments." "She is imaginative and loves to read stories." At almost 3 and as head strong as she may be, Addie is very logical and makes good and mature decisions. I don't have to worry about her ever running out in the middle of the street or running off in a busy crowd. If her brother or a friend want a toy she has, 90% of the time, she is willing to give it up to make them happy and above all, her LOVE of books has blossomed immensely in the last 6 months. She wants to read day and night... alone or with a group.

I wouldn't change a thing about my own Disney Princess and am some proud of the young girl she has become.

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