Thursday, May 19, 2011

Addie's Annual Birthday Interview - Life As She Sees It At 3

After 3 nights of being seperated by work meetings in different states, we were all back together on the eve of Addie's 3rd Birthday curled up with her "Birthday Book."

Her book includes an annual interview:

What is your favorite color? Pink!
Favorite food? chicken nuggets
Favorite toy? marcie
What is your favorite animal? a pig and uhhh.... Maverick
Who loves you? daddy, mommy and "bubba."
What's your favorite song? the Belle song!!
Why do you take medicine everyday? I take medicine everyday so I don't get sick
What's your favorite drink? lemonade!!!
What's your birthday mean? I don't know
What's your favorite thing to do with Carter? play together in the living room

And my favorite...
Who is your favorite superhero? Carter!

1 comment:

The Perkins Family said...

Very cute! Can't wait for tomorrow! Glad you're home.

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