Friday, May 20, 2011

Addie's First 3 Years Of First Words

What Addie is Saying?

*Our usual routine when going to bed, I asked her "what meds she has already had from daddy?" Tonight so articulately, she answered, "I have had my Zyrtec and my Singular but not my breathing treatment yet mom." (The first time I have heard her say Singulair so perfectly! The accomplishments of an asthmatic and allergy prone child! ;) - 34.5 months

*Loves to slide down things, jump up and say "TA DA!!!" - 34 months

*Suddenly noticed dramatic improvement in clarity of speaking. Many times, can't tell Carter and Addie's voices apart on phone or if in other room - 32 months

*Couting to 10 in Spanish - 27 months

*"Why" and "What are you doing?" - 27 months

*Has consistently asked, "Does it bite?" to EVERYTHING from an airplane in the sky to a dinasaur in a book (anything new) for 6 months at least and continues now at 27 months

*Addie was in her room alone and Blake walked by to hear her saying "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday" (She only missed Thursday) - 26 months

*Starting to put complete sentences together - Ex.) "I want to watch Super Why" and "The remote behind me." "Carter wants green one." - 26 months

*Can sing the entire "Happy Birthday" song on her own - 25 months

*We call her our little commentator as she is ALWAYS giving us the play by play on what she is doing as well as all of us! - 24.5 months

*Her vocabulary has taken another sudden explosion - regularly putting 3-5 words together. She talks ALL THE TIME, we joke that we will never be able to be silent again - 24 months

*We have noticed a huge explosion in your vocabulary over the last week, things you used to say that were hard to understand are suddenly super clear. - just before 23 months

*1st consistent THREE words together - "I Love Mama," "I Love Ella," "I love Bubba" - 21 months

*Always has and continues to LOVE her milk and she calls is "milky" for some reason still (cute memory) - 21 months

*From this point forward, I will only write the funny or unique phrases that Addie says instead of boring you with every word since she will repeat anything. - 21 months

*When asked "Who is your best friend?" Addie answers a clear Ella. (Then "Jack.") lol.... so cute. - 20.5 months

*Moon, snack, football (when watching a football game with daddy), pee-pee, poo-poo, rock, up please, help please, out - 20 months

*"NO" (very articulatly and suddenly while at Blossum Athletic Center at Danielle's basketball game while wanting to run on the court during the game,) she now says is ALL the time and drives us nuts! - 19 mo & 3 wks

*"bling - bling" (from Aunt Julie), yes, book - 19.5 months

*Addie, peas, hat, please - 19 months

*Book, ice, milk, duck, tree, night-night - 19 months

*Back - everytime the dogs are in her way - 18.5 months

*Ella, Up & Dog (with very pronounced GGG at the end) - 18 month

*"Ball" & "Jack" - 17.5 months

*"Maverick" every 10 seconds... she wants Maverick to be by her side at ALL times. She even put her hand out and moves her fingers in a "come" motion at the same time - 17.5 months

*"Uh O" to everything - 16 months

*"more" (unclear) as she does sign language - 16 months

*"Thank you" when you hand her something - 15 months

*Ya-Ya - 14 months

*Saying very definite "dadwwg" when she sees Maverick & Smokey - 10 mo & 1 wk

*Saying "Ma-Ma" very clearly and holding hands up to me - 12.5 months

*FIRST WORD: "Da-Da" - 10 months

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