Monday, May 16, 2011

Addie's Top 10 List At 3 Years Old (6-10)

This has been a long tradition in our home dating back to Carter. I look forward to the time each year it takes to decide on the important items that make this list because it makes me reflect on who Addie is right this moment.....

#10 - Mateo
Trust me when I tell you, we don't talk about "boys" in our home (except Jack Putnicki and he is like her brother) and surely don't encourage our not even three year old daughter to be interested in boys. This came instinctively to her ever since January when we have been together nearly every weekend with Mateo and his family at Carter's basketball and soccer games. Addie stands on the sidelines of the soccer games yelling "Ma-tedo" (kinda sounds like Potato) and then smiles real big when he looks over. She even offered to help take his soccer shoes off after practice a few weeks ago. I can't fault her.... he is one cute and good kid. I see many more crushes on her older brother's friends in our future... I just didn't ever imagine them happening this early.

#9 - Hide-and-go-seek
She can't get enough of this game and is actually really good at it. She will stay silently hidden for a long long time until her brother or one of us can find her. Her tactical weakness at this age is that she tends to go to the same five spots every single time! ;)

#8 - Marcie And Her Other Stuffed Animals
She's not crazy obsessed with them as in she will go a night or two with out realizing they aren't in her bed. However, she genuinely enjoys their company and loves talking them. Recently on Mother's Day, we talked all day long of how it was her day to because she is such a fantastic mom to Marcie.

#7 - Singing And Performing
Addie is that child that will just bust out singing a song that she makes up. She can think fast and think of words that involve things she is interested in the moment.
#6. Ella Perkins, Ella Madrid and Jack Putnicki
She can't mention one with out the other. She loves these three more than you could imagine. She comes home at night talking about Ella Perkins, Jack Putnicki and Ella Madrid and everything they do all day. I asked her today what she wanted to name her new Butterfly pet/toy and she said without hesitation "Ella Madrid." The way I hear about these four being inseperable at school everyday, I think we may have a new name for them - "The Brat Pack!"

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