Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 Mighty Muscles!!

It was just a year ago, Carter attended his very first Sports Camp at The Dominion. He was even more excited this year and last minute we decided that Addie was more than ready for the six hour a day camp.
Never mind the minimum age of 3.5 years, Addie rocked it at 3 years and 2 months! The camp director told Julie after day one, "It's like she had been here every week this summer."
This camp is such fun for the kids and they get to play golf, soccer, tennis, basketball, swim and do arts and crafts, just to name a few activities. Each year they have the Reptile Man come and they always come home with pictures of holding snakes and lizards.
On Friday afternoon, they had a end of camp performance where every body showed off with a choreographed dance. Carter and Addie's group was called the "Tiny Tunas," and Addie had been showing me her dance all week while she practiced at home.
Carter surprised us all and absolutely nailed the dance. He was so focused and every movement was sharp and perfectly one time. I had my mouth open at how well he had learned and was performing it. Then, Addie was on the other end, just doing what she does best...
Lookn' cute and shaking her toosh. Carter kept doing this body sweep at one point in the Alvin and The Chipmunk song that would have made Madonna proud...
And then, you look back to your left, and Addie was...
Smiling as big as she could absolutely LOVING being on stage and of course, shaking her toosh! To the right... CARTER.... I think this boy has some rhythm.
And one more time to the left... ADDIE!
Everyone got an award. Like last year, Carter received THE BASKETBALL award.
And Addie got the award for ARTS & CRAFTS! That is so right on with the stage she is at at home!
My two proud Mighty Muscles babies!
Thank you Grandpa and YaYa for a great week! For two days, we have found Addie playing doctor with Smokey, dressing her babies or laying in bed, singing "MIGHTY MUSCLES."

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