Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addie's FIRST Bike!

PaPa Lance and Karen came to San Antonio this weekend and brought Addie a late birthday present. She couldn't even wait until she was outside to ride it. Although we had thought is was a little too big for her now, she jumped on and instantly started peddling along. WOW!
Carter ran inside and insisted Addie wear his knee pads.
Papa and Daddy did some fine tuning and Addie struck a pose while she waited.
Papa put her on for the first time...
And no kidding, she was instantly off.
Even our wonderful neighbors, Jack and Corky, saw the excitement and came over to congratulate Addie.
She was quickly keeping up with her brother in about sixty seconds.
I had a feeling the knee and elbow pads would come in handy...
Carter even offered to take Baby Marcie on a ride... Addie was following close behind.
Daddy tied Marcie to Addie's bike.
First spill... but she was A-okay!
She was back on in five second and about a minute later, we looked over and she was doing this....
Crazy girl... I have no idea where she gets this from but what a great Sunday morning!

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