Monday, August 15, 2011

Marathon Monday - Snakes! (Wk #3/16)

Scheduled Running: 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, 7 miles = 17 miles

Actual Running: 4.5 miles (treadmill, hills, some sprinting), Kickboxing (conservatively = 3 miles, squats), 4.6 miles (with Jessica), 7.5 miles (hard, didn't walk though-85 minutes)=19.6 miles

My long run was a killer yesterday, maybe it was because my last long eight mile run was in 58 degree cool crisp California air or perhaps I had worked out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday hard and hadn't drank a drop of wine since last week! Maybe three days of wine makes running easier?!?! Wouldn't that be nice.

Snakes... you are probably asking what?!?! I had the great pleasure of running with my oldest childhood friend, Jessica, this week. The only way I could keep up with this semi-professional runner, is the fact she is seven months pregnant. Friday's 6AM run was probably the fastest run in my head. I hardly remember it because we talked the entire 45 minutes. I was throwing running questions at her left and right and we would be running up a Rogers Ranch hill and she wouldn't even have to pause to catch her breath.... I was in ahhhh! At the end of our run near Spectrum, I saw what looked like a curled up snake in the road and once I realized it was a small (24-30 inch rattle snake,) I probably had enough instant adrenaline to to run another five miles. Thank goodness, it had recently been hit by a car but it reminded me of the animals that are living in and around my running trails.

So fast forward two days to my long run at 6AM Sunday morning. I couldn't stop thinking about snakes. Every step I took, I scanned to see where one might be. I am not kidding when I say the first two miles of my run, this consumed my thoughts. I allowed it to since my book says to let your mind wander to pass time. It got a little out of control when I jumped off the sidewalk when I saw a long browned banana peel stretched out ahead. I am hoping that some time makes this little fear not consume nearly eighty minutes of my run next week.

On another note, I was excited to get a new little gadget this week since my runs are getting longer than an hour. I have never run with a cell phone, up until this point, and I was needing a little space for my energy replacement stuff on long runs.... so drum roll please, this is what I have and as of one seven and a half mile run....  I LOVE!

I put my Smart Phone - EVO, a Fiber 1 Bar & small package of energy replacement chews and I barely even felt it. It didn't even bounce. Great invention.

I have gotten a couple of emails recently asking me questions about what program I am following and I can't believe I didn't write it earlier, it is...
As of yesterday, the paperback version was only $8.75 delivered if you have free shipping with Amazon Prime. Great deal for a AMAZING book. I would have paid $40!

Struggles this week (besides snake fears): I still having sore calves and have to make a point of serious stretching after every workout. (Maybe due to this week's kickboxing class??)

I am signed up to run my first 10K this weekend with Jessica... wish me luck! ;)

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