Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Napa - Day 1

We try to do a couple's trip (sans kids) with our 'besties' at least one time a year. For years, we have discussed Napa but for five and a half years, one of us girls have been either pregnant or nursing and a trip of this nature just didn't seem timely.
But 2011 couldn't have been more perfect for us four 'Napa virgins' and we were beyond excited for this trip with the four kids safely being juggled between four sets of grandparents, we were confident they were in great hands!
The vacation gods were watching over us when we were mysteriously upgraded to a 2012 Convertible Ford Mustang. They had gotten wind of my bucket list and knew that "driving a convertible down the California coast" was #5. Although the San Francisco Bay would have to count as the "coast line" this trip, we crammed our over two hundred and fifty pounds of luggage into the sports car and braved the fifty minute drive to Napa.
One of Blake and my fondest memories of that first day was putting the top down at 76 degrees at 3:00PM and watching all our hair blow in the clean and crisp California air. Although completely unplanned, the convertible was a must, to fully enjoy the sights and smells of the Napa Valley. Thank you Mr. National rent-a-car man.
After checking into the hotel, we quickly headed to the southwest section of Napa - Domaine Carneros was our first stop.

This will always be the picturesque memory of watching Blake smell and sip his first glass of bubbly and Pinot Noir.
Our first toast to one fabulous trip!

What's it gonna be Blake... whites or reds?
With out doubt, he said he prefers the RED! Very decisive!
We knew, without a doubt, we were in for a memorable trip.
We had reservations the first night at the highly acclaimed Mustard's Grill in Yountville, just about a ten minute drive from Napa.
It was very California chic, with a upscale casual feel. Megan and I both had the specialty of the house - the pork chop, which were amazing. One of my favorite wines of the week happened to be a Pinot Noir our waiter chose - 2008 Maranet. It was great just to look around at all the people around us and to see how much wine was being opened no matter which way you looked.
That first night, we found the hotel's hot tub and slept like babies in anticipation of our first full day.


Amanda said...

One of my favorite things about your blog are the AMAZING photos that tell your story. I'm so jealous of your kid free trip to Napa. I'm drooling. Just going to Napa (not even in a convertible) is on my bucket list. Can't wait to read about the next few days!

The Dieckmans said...


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