Monday, August 1, 2011

Marathon Monday! (Week 1/16 again)

Today was my first full 7 mile run here in SA (7.1 to be exact) and I have to say it felt really great. I only walked one time for 90 seconds to eat a banana I had strategically placed near the half way mark.

I am kinda confused on my dates, when I wrote last week after I had run nearly 7 miles in Colorado, that was actually DAY 1 of WEEK 1. So today is what I am counting the end of training week 1 with my first official long run of this training program. Confusing! I know.

This has been a pretty low key week. I am way ahead of my 16 week training this week. I figure it doesn't hurt to be a little ahead of schedule in case a crazy week pops up or I get sick or knock on wood, minorly injured.

Planned running for week 1: 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, 5 miles = 15 miles
I completed over week 1:    3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, 7.1 miles (1 hour and 24 min with warm up) = 17 miles (this overage won't be a norm... I promise!)

Key learnings:
  • I learn a new tip from every runner I talk to!
  • 3 weeks ago when I couldn't even walk because I was so incredibly sore... it wasn't from running like I had initially thought, rather from doing BODY PUMP after my 5 mile run and Interval weight training a couple of days later. I haven't done weights in 2 weeks and haven't been sore one time. I want to incorporate some lower body weight training into my training but am going to have to figure out how.
  • I have been taking 2 ibruprofen before my long runs
  • I am so glad I am not doing this specifically to loose weight because I have gained a couple of pounds! I haven't had hunger pains like this after longer runs since I was nursing. Although I am seeing my legs changing shapes becoming more defined.... I am always hungry!!!! ;)
  • I need to go by some Gu, Bloks or whatever it is everyone says I need to start getting ready for really long runs.
  • I need something called "Blinkies" so I can run before the sun comes up.
  • I liked running Sunday when a ton of other runners were out and about, I found it really motivating to see them coming from far ahead and cross paths.
I haven't had any problems getting up at 5:50 AM for my long runs (as of yet!) however I showed Blake these motivational quotes last night on Pinterest and he reminded me of them when I layed my head back down after turning off my alarm just this morning... and it did help. Thanks honey.


Brooke said...

Ok, here's my other piece of advice with your scheduled runs. Like I said, I have alot to say on this topic! Your weekly runs should be a mixture of speed vs endurance. You should have one tempo run, one day of hills, one day of speed training (on a track if possible) and finally your long run. I also throw a cross-training like swimming, biking or a class in there. Not only will this help mix things up but it'll increase your speed too. Lastly, subscribe to Runner's World! It is SOOOO helpful and only like $12/year.

Alison Madrid said...

Rock on girl, we are proud of you!

Jessica Tondre said...

Great job! The Daily Mile and Map My Run are great online workout logs to help you see your progress. You are on the right track!!! I second the Runner's World subscription advice! It's cheap and motivating!

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