Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marathon Monday - 8 MILES!!! (Wk #2/16)

This was a monumental week.

I took dozens of people's advice and introduced myself to the energy replacement supplements. You should have seen me standing in the HEB aisle late Wednesday evening trying to decide between the twenty and which one to get. I looked so confused, I even had a guy stop and offer to help me out.

I bought about six different ones and they didn't carry any of the GU I have heard such great things about. So this week, I randomly choose one... The Power Bar chews.

To be honest, I probably reached for these because it was morning number TWO on our recent trip to Napa and the night before, our dinner reservations at the hotest restaurant in town, weren't until 9:30PM!!!! If you combine that with the fact our first wine tasting appointment that same morning was at 10AM, then that 2X CAFFEINE was really SCREAMING my name before walking out that hotel door. I had originally thought my long run would be a six or perhaps seven mile run and was lucky again to be able to have Blake with me and we started through downtown Napa heading north towards the famous Silvardo Trail where all the vineyards were to be found. I don't know how to explain it, but I got that incredible feeling at miles 3-5, that I could run forever. If it wasn't for our 10AM appointment at a winery quickly approaching, I think I would have run another mile or two easily. For the first time, I NEVER even had to stop to walk! I know what you are thinking... "it's those darn artificial energy chews!" But the funny thing was I only had TWO and the package said a serving size was TEN!!! So it may mean nothing, but it's the best run thus far I have had and the even better news about my unplanned distance was that I've had some mental block about eight miles since I started training almost 8 weeks ago. I was dreading Aug 22, when I was supposed to run my first eight miles. I don't know why but the great news is, that I'm over it!

My other find this week that made the run and the couple of days after SO MUCH better was discovering Body Glide and MAPMYRUN routes when you are in an unfamiliar city! Thanks to all the comments and tips on my blog dear running friends!

Scheduled Running: 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles=16 miles
Actual Running: 4 miles, 3 miles, 8 miles=15 miles (only 3 days with traveling)


Kira Willingham said...

Hey Megan,
Will you email me your email address. I am on a facebook diet/break so can't message you there and don't have your email. Have some questions, you are starting to inspire me...

Kira Willingham said...

duh, my email address is
kira20@hotmail.com It has been a rough couple of months and my mind isn't always there!!!

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