Monday, October 10, 2011

National Night Out!

This blog post amazes me every year. This is an event we have anxiously looked forward to every year in our neighborhood and it gives me a chance to reflect on the kids growth from year to year....
2010, 2009, I think we were in Paris in 2008, I don't think I took pictures way back in 2007! ;)
We had a record turn out this year since the amazing social committee provided dinner! After eating, all the kids wanted to do, was to go out front and wait for the fire truck!
We waited and waited... and waited some more. The kids were so anxious for it's arrival but sunset was coming so the nice SAPD sargent allowed the kids to tour his car.
I love that he told the kids you are only allowed to be in the front seat and that you NEVER want to be in the BACK SEAT of a police car!!
We waited some more for the fire truck. They must have asked over a 100 times when it was going to be there.
Our amazing neighbors Corky and Evelyn.
One of our favorite people in Oakwood, Rudy, our SAPD that has watched our neighborhood for FOUR years and in that time, watched our children grow up!
It was completely dark outside, we stayed thirty minutes past the ending time, holding out for the fire truck. We had just walked inside and I was getting the kids a drink and out of the corner of my eye, noticed brightly flashing colors out our font door. Parked in front of our house was THE FIRETRUCK, for a private tour for Carter, Addie and Barrett. I do feel bad for the dozens and dozens of kids that had to go home....
Every four and a half old's dream... driving a real fire truck!
We LOVED exploring the inside of the truck.... so much to look at.
Then it was Addie's turn behind the wheel...
She loved it when they offered to close the door and let her pretend to really drive...
It was definitely worth the wait!

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Jessica Tondre said...

I think the firetruck got held up in our neighborhood! I recognize the firefighter in the picture. So glad they got to see it!!!

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