Monday, October 24, 2011

Marathon Monday (Wk #13/16) The WORST is Over!!!

Scheduled Running: 5 miles, 8 miles, 5 miles, 18 miles = 36 miles
Actual Running: 6.3 miles, 8.3 miles, 18 miles = 32.6 miles

It's with mixed emotions that I journal about this week. I can't believe the hardest and longest mileage week has come and passed and that 17 weeks ago, I was an occasional treadmill runner who had NEVER run outside.

As I prepared my bottles of Gatorade and water last night around 10PM, I started to realized that never again, will I be preparing for a super long run again (from home.) No more driving my comfortable route through Deerfield, Blanco, Wurzbach, NW Military and Huebner to drop water bottles every 3-4 miles. No more worrying about having enough GU's the night before or double and triple checking my route in my head to make sure it will equal 15, 16 or 18 miles. The alarm won't have to go off at 5AM ever again to allow enough time to run for 3 hours and 10 minutes in order to get home to get the kids to their first morning birthday party or activity. And because of all this, I was a little sad.... weird.

My run was good Sunday. About the same time as last week's 18 miles. I feel ready and excited and thankful that my body hung in there through the worst. Now it's time to heal and re-charge and make sure I am at 150%. It's referred to as tapering.

I was surprised to get home last Wednesday to find this basket on my front porch. It was from my self acclaimed personal running coach during the last 13 weeks - Jessica Tondre. I was blown away by her thoughtfulness, generosity and helpful products AND the fact that she delivered this basket roughly 12 hours before she went into labor and delivered her beautiful new son, Parker. Thank you Jessica for always being there for me the last 3 months and being so patient with the hundreds of questions I had for you. Thank you for being one of my biggest fans and always encouraging me!
So now, I am off to Florida for the week for meetings and praying my roommate is a runner and will get up and run with me a couple of times this week! ;)

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