Saturday, October 8, 2011

Marathon Monday (Wk #11/16) Over 250 miles!

Schedule Running: 5 miles, 8 miles, 5 miles, 16 miles = 34 miles
Actual Running: 4.3 miles (treadmill), 8.4 miles, 16 miles (2 hours & 52 minutes) = 28.7 miles

For the first time in eleven weeks, those two numbers don't look good however, I am okay with it since I did those nearly twenty-nine miles in just a four day time period. My schedule got a little messed up with traveling to Houston last weekend and I didn't get to do my long run from last week until Monday morning. With the weather report of this weekend, I opted to get my long run out of the way this morning.

This is my third week at 16 miles for my long run and I am super sad to say that it didn't get any easier. In fact, I added 25 seconds to my pace this morning. Although it did rain for half of the nearly 3 hours, my legs are just getting sore (really sore) at mile 13. The great news was that I got an amazing burst of energy and focus for the last 2 miles and got to end on a high!

I took my first REAL GU gel pack today, around mile 9 and I was super surprised when I LOVED it. The other great news was that it is the first energy replacement that I have used over the last 8 weeks that has not reaked havoc on my stomach soon after! I love seeing signs along my runs that make me smile, like this one along Wurzbach this morning.

In other first time marathon news, Blake and I, headed out to the Roger Soler running store this morning after my run and I met the neatest lady that shared all kinds of helpful tips for race day! It's funny how excited I get talking to other Marathoners, these days.

I do have to report of some bad news this week. I don't know if you are familiar with last week's story of Reese Witherspoon being hit by a car. But it nearly happened to BOTH Blake and I during separate early morning runs. Both instances we were running on the sidewalk against traffic (as we should be) and women in a hurry are coming out of apartment or neighborhood exits, turning to their right and ONLY LOOK LEFT, totally ignoring pedestrians five feet in front of them. I got to pull the classic movie scene and bang on their hood, since they were so close and give them a little piece of my mind. Blake got to do the same, however, he tensed up so much to get out of the way so quickly, he has injured his achilles. So he is working through some achilles tendinitis and we practiced using the Kinesio Tex Tape. After three days rest and a two mile slow jog, Blake is going to head to the Elliptical for a few days and just got done SCREAMING as he placed his entire foot in a large bucket filled with ice water. So please keep his left foot in your thoughts and prayers. I think I'm going to go find that lady and let her know what her failure to look both ways at 6:30 AM may result in, if he's unable to run in 35 days! :(

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