Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last weekend, MeMe came in town. We were so excited to see her as it felt like it had been forever. She took the kids on quite the adventure Friday and I can't believe I forgot to download all her picture and videos. The three of them went ROLLER SKATING!!!! The real kind at the very same rollercade that I had my 9th birthday! The videos were impressive and I am so proud of ALL three of them for trying something new together! I love how MeMe is ALWAYS up for something new and adventurous.

MeMe is full of energy so it's kind of ironic that the few pictures I have from this weekend are her relaxing with the kids!
I had a fall craft for the kids to do... the perfect level for them. Use thumb tacks to write the letter of their name on the pumpkins we spray painted black!
Some more relaxing shots.... again... so rare for MeMe! ;)
We are beyond thankful for the fact Diane always wants us to go and do as much as we can as a couple when she is able to be in town. Many nights, we are exhausted and at 9:00 PM  crawl into bed. This particular night, she jokingly barged in with my camera since I had done the same to her all weekend. So Diane, I'm posting the non-makeup, glasses wearing, unflattering shot in unedited form, just for you! Thank you for always allowing Blake and I to have a date night or these days, an 18 mile run together!!!
The relaxing didn't last long, besides Roller Skating, she took the kids to 2-3 parks in the area, McDonald's for dinner, HEB to shop, Orange Leaf for yogurt and garage sale shopping early Saturday morning in addition to spending about a million hours outside exploring our neighborhood. We joke that she knows more of our amazing neighbors than we do!!! ;)
Meme came armed herself with a Halloween activity. Hers involved straws and thickened Jello... any guesses?
Yep... Jello worms.
They didnt' turn out as long as she hoped but the kids LOVED every second of being messy!
Thank you Meme for a super fun and wonderful weekend.


Tidbits and Snippets said...

Meg, the pumpkin craft is awesome. love it! and i think everyone needs a MEME at their house :) Can she come visit??? xoxo

Amanda said...

I want a Meme! Where can I find one?!? :)

Is she Blake's mom?

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