Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marathon Monday (Wk #12/16)

Scheduled Running: 5 miles, 8 miles, 5 miles, 18 miles = 36 miles (the most that will be ever in my life!) ;)

Actual Running: 7.8 miles (first half jog/walk with horrible bottom of right foot pain but second half was good), 3 miles (walk/slow jog on treadmill), 5.2 miles (1 mile walk/jog and & 4 miles elliptical), 18 miles (The best run yet andWITH BLAKE!) = 34 miles

I can't be more relieved to have this first ever 18 mile run completed. And not just completed but I'm able to say it has definitely been the easiest and best run thus far of my entire training. I don't know if it was the total lack of humidity, temperatures in the 50's, practically not running at all this week, a visit to the podiatrist or having Blake with me but I'll take it!

Our legs did look like this on the trail early this morning.

The podiatrist says he thinks it is just nerve pain in the bottom of my foot and gave me a cortisone shot and encouraged me to take it easy. He said, if I'm running sixteen miles, 3 weeks, in a row, I don't need to worry about not being able to finish the marathon. I listened but still found it hard to believe. I slept horribly Thursday night, waking up every thirty minutes after 3 AM, conflicted with the fact I hadn't had a long run in nearly 6 days but trying to follow the advice of the doctor and take it easy and not run until Sunday. I feel like I compromised by going to the gym to do the elliptical to keep with the cardio. I keep struggling with the fact that I am so incredibly close and I don't want to slack and mess up the program that is working so well for me, at the very end.

The other thing that Dr. Castillo, the pod, said was that I have the tightest calves he has ever seen and thinks if I got those under control with stretching, it would take care of majority of my foot issues. I told him that the calves are the one body part that have been in constant dull pain for nearly FOUR months. So with that, I decided to invest $20 in these calf compression sleeves that people swear by. I opted not to wear them while actually running this morning but instead, wore them right afterwards, ALL DAY. It's nearly 8PM and I must say, there is a MAJOR difference in how much better my calves feel, compared to any other longer run. Try not to be jealous on how styln' I am here sporting these today.... Good thing I'm not vain and could care less how funny I know I look! I will admit I did take them off for church and dinner out afterwards! ;)

Wow... the worst part is here. This past week and next week are the most mileage during training. My body is saying hallelujah! I never imagined the amount of pain the last three months have brought into our house.

A small list to remind me in case I am ever crazy enough to say I will do a full marathon again:
  1. Chaffing
  2. Constant calf pain the entire 12 weeks
  3. Vague outer knee pain - Week 7 and 8
  4. Knee pain followed a week later my excruciating right outer hip pain (IT BAND) - Week 8-10
  5. Nasty toe blister that won't heal - Week 10
  6. Horrible constant vague pain on bottom of right foot - starting at week 10 and getting worse to  Wk. 12 (what I had thought was the begining of plantar fascitis, pod says nerve pain)
  7. Sharp left hip pain getting out of car after week 10's 16 mile run
  8. Achilles Tendinosis (Blake)
The things Blake and I have learned that we knew nothing about 12 weeks ago:
  1. A foam roller to stretch
  2. "Nip Guards" (Blake) ;)
  3. Body Glide
  4. Shoe inserts
  5. KT Tape
  6. IT band
  7. Super duper ibuprofen on the market
  8. Other topical pain medicines
  9. Every type of GU, BLOK or energy bean on the market
  10. How to run in a pool (Blake)
  11. calf compression sleeves
  12. insoles for my shoes
The amazing thing is how even though we are battling many of these things right now, we are so excited about Nov. 13 and can't wait to achieve this amazing feat.

Earlier this week, I was reading the week 12 chapter of The Non-Runners Marathon Training, and they always end with personal stories and advice. This specific chapter was all about "hitting the wall," anywhere between mile 18 and 24 miles, usually. As I read the last sentence and closed the book, I realized I had tears flooding down my face. Being so close to their pain, even on paper, I felt their agony and pray everyday I will be both physically and mentally strong enough to cross the finish line.

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