Friday, October 21, 2011

My 2 "Wild Kratts" - Zoo: Part 1

I took off Thursday and the kids were out of school so we made a day of it. They had been litterally begging me for months to go back to the dentist so we made a visit first thing and then were off to the zoo on the most beautiful day all year.
Carter and Addie are both OBSESSED with a PBS show called Wild Kratts. I feel like they are a old woman addicted to her soap, "As The World Turns." After bath and before books, they beg every single night to watch the newest episode that was DVR'd each day.
Now and Then... October 2011 vs. Feb. 2010
I can't complain, because Wild Kratts is the perfect mix of being the most educational show on TV and some how holds their attention episode after episode. I think they dream about this show at night. It is all about 2 brothers and their adventrues learning about wild animals!
I told Carter to lead us where ever he wanted!
The flamingos and bears were on the top of the list.
I LOVED how all day, they kept yelling, "Mom... take a picture of us!"
A year ago vs. today!
(Now and Then: Carter)
Addie was adament about showing the Zebras she dressed especially for them today!
Carter was mellow and very content watching the zoo keeper feed the Zebras.

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