Monday, October 3, 2011

Marathon Monday - (Wk #10/16)

Scheduled Running: 5 miles, 8 miles, 5 miles, 16 miles = 34 miles
Actual Running: 5 miles, 8.3 miles, 3.2 miles, 3.1 miles, 16 miles(2 hrs & 47 min) Absolutely exhausted afterwards but didn't feel too sore the following day = 35.6 miles

I ran the Houston Susan B. Komen Race For The Cure on Saturday with Jennifer.

Distance 5K
Chip Time 27:58
Overall Place 923 / 2875 - Top 32%
Gender Place 321 / 1697 - Top 19%
Division Place 44 / 279 - Top 15%
Age Grade 53%
Total Pace 8:58/M

This week's long run of 16 miles, stayed the same as last week and instead just added 2 miles on the shorter runs. I used my new Asics this week and good news - the IT band issues along the hip have all but disappeared however the severe calf soreness has returned with advengence. Ugh... I don't know if it is adjusting to the new shoes or what so I ran my long run in my old shoes this morning.

The GREAT news was the weather during my 5AM run this morning! Fall... I have never been as excited to see you as this year!

46 days and counting until November 13!

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