Thursday, June 23, 2011


One of the evenings we went back to the beach after dinner. While there, Blake found a live starfish and the toddlers were amazed. A sweet lady even brought us another one when she saw Addie and Carson bickering over who got to hold it.

On a similar note, this trip to Port A was filled with a bunch of "firsts," even for our seasoned beach-going family. Finding crabs and other sea creatures was a big part if it and there will be much more about that later on. But in the mean time, Carter had fun finding as many "claws" as he could one of the evenings.
On a slightly different note, I had fun taking some pictures of a certain fourteen month old niece of ours. Cali and her amazing blue eyes were always up for the camera in her face during her very first trip to the beach.

Cali just started officially walking and the soft smooth sand was the perfect spot to perfect her new found ability.

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