Monday, June 6, 2011

Carter @ 4.5 years old.

My sweet boy is coming up on four and half years old.
How to describe Carter at this age:
-still very sensitive. He can cry at the drop of a hat over anything that upsets him like his sister grabbing his batman figurine before he does, dropping his milk on the ground or not being able to zip his pants. It's definitely inversely correlated to how tired he is.
-still a great sleeper. I can't think of a time in the last six months he has gotten up in the middle of the night. He still takes 2 hour naps every single day. He wakes up between 6:50-7AM, naps 1-3PM, bed time 8:30PM.
-continues to be very rule-bound. Some things never change.
-he still LOVES hugs and kisses from his mommy even in front of his friends.
-favorite shows he watches regularly are Disney Pirates & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves movies while in his daddy's car
-favorite toys at this age are his Batman Cave, cars with superheros, he likes his Leapster Learner and still LOVES books, his most favorite right now being a detailed one about all the different kinds of Dinosaurs.
-he is still so cautious and not as fearless as his younger sister. He would much prefer to ride IN the boat rather than on the tube behind the boat. He would rather be "pretending" to be surfing with a board on the sand rather than jumping waves with his sister.
- he still has a gift of amazing eye hand coordination, being able to make full contact with a driver and golf ball 80% of the time.
-his favorite activities in the last month are swimming, swimming, swimming and finding bugs.
-funny stages: he loves to say funny and goofy phrases as loud as possible
-he still loves for his baby sister to be around him all the time.
-favorite foods: really anything except bananas.
I continue to be amazed by how amazing our first born is! We love you Carter Brown.

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