Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dolphins and More... (WAY MORE!!)

Blake and I surprised the family with tickets to Dolphin Excursion on Father's Day evening. In my 25+ years of trips to this beach, I had never done this and totally took a chance for the fourteen of us.
I even managed to find seven coordinating outfits for the seven little ones. In descending age L-R Sean(7), Kaylee(5), Carter(4), Carson(3), Addie (not pictured), Rose (2) & Cali (1)
Meme was in Heaven with all seven.
As soon as we boarded and started taking off, we were seeing dolphins!!
Then the three year olds decided to go and make friends with Captain Billy and the CB radio.
Before we knew it, they were driving the boat!
It was a gorgeous Sunday evening and we all had lots of time to just hang out...
What a wonderful Father's Day night to remember, I didn't think it could have gotten any better...
Until we dropped a big net and got to pull it up!!!
They were anticipating what was inside.
And it didn't disappoint. This was an AMAZING hands on experience for the kids. One that our family won't soon forget.
 And when I say "hands on," I mean it... a baby shark.
More live hermit crabs than you could ever want...
There were blow fish, flounder, squid, crabs, male fish that had eaten their female's eggs (so cool) and....

STING RAYS!!!!! The kids could play with the dozens and dozens of different live creatures... there was only one rule the entire time.... THE FIVE SECOND RULE... you had to dip the fish back into the water every 5 seconds so they didn't die!!
(Did you see Carter's expression on his face above?)
I can't even begin to say what a great excursion this was and a fantastic way to begin our first night together!

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