Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dentist For Addie!

Carter did an excellent job showing Addie how much fun it is to get your teeth counted and to find any "sugar bugs!" Addie just stared for the first ten minutes, taking it all in...

When it was Addie's turn, she jumped right up in the chair!
They pulled out the neatest tooth brushed shape device with a camera on the tip to take pictures of Addie's mouth. I love Addie's comment, "Ohhhh mom, we don't have that kind of camera, we need to get one of those!"
She had a full cleaning, flossing and fluoride treatment.
This was the first time Carter had taken X-rays and he was giggling the entire time. His big teeth are coming in and doctor said his teeth are very close together and it made sense that one of his bottom adult teeth is already twisting on it's way up. Ideally, you want your toddler's teeth to look like white picket fences... the more space in between the better! (Definitely not my kids' case.) We talked about what protocol is for kids these days with straightening and how much it has evolved over twenty years. Pretty interesting.
Before we knew it, Addie was begging to take "pictures of her teeth." They said it was rare to have a young 3 year old stay still enough but they said it was ideal to do it now. So we got to see her big teeth and how they were coming in.
Then it was time to officially meet Dr. Bob and Addie begged to take a picture with him.
It was a great first visit and am glad the kids are learning to love the dentist and look forward to their visits every six months.

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