Sunday, June 26, 2011

Addie's First PROFESSIONAL Haircut

Almost a year ago, I gave Addie her first trim but after being asked by people if she had highlights due to her tips of her curls being so bleached by the sun, it was time for her first real haircut. We went to the very same place that Carter had his done nearly 3 1/2 years ago...
She even wanted to get her hair washed and not just sprayed. I told her it was mommy's very favorite part of getting my hair cut.
It wouldn't have been a true girls' afternoon of pampering without having her BFF (in a car) by her side. Although it was no where near Ella's first haircut, she was there to support Miss Addie.
Her sweet curls covered "Lightening McQueen."
Her stylist Margo, even gave her a cool french braid to top it off.
Addie was thrilled to get her purple balloon and glitter face stamps before leaving.
Don't both girls look gorgeous?!?!
Then the four "men" met up with us for church and a night on the town (a.k.a. dinner.)
And no we didn't plan the boys coordinating shirts!!!

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