Friday, December 12, 2008

Bye Bye Sippy Cups and Hello Botanical Gardens

Since Carter is less than a week away from turning 2, last night we said goodbye to sippy cups and hello to "big boy cups." He is doing great and hasn't had a major spill yet. Though, I think we will hang on to a couple of them for car rides... I am not that confident yet! :)

This morning Carter and I went with some other mommies and little ones to the Botanical Gardens to see a train exhibit.
He thought the trains were pretty cool but mostly we just loved exploring the grounds and playing. He still is very into buses and tractors! Afterwards we ate at McDonald's. He still doesn't really know what the "Golden Arches" are and I somewhat consider that a major accomplishment as a parent of a 2 year old!! ;) Wow... "2 year old," that is strange to type and say...

Watching the train go around and around!

This was in a "Japanese Garden." Carter had run off behind a bush and didn't know I was peering through it!
This was a windmill exhibit they built around a giant oak tree. Carter loved running around and playing!

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