Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#4 on Carter's Top 10 List

Carter is just a few hours from turning and 2 and I am exhausted from a long day, so I am going to leave you guessing on #1-3 until tomorrow. Now it is off to make 2 dozen cupcakes for him to take to school tomorrw... Blake is already in the kitchen baking!

In the last 2 months, they have come out of no where to become one of his favorite things. If we are driving, it turns into a game to try to find school buses and tractors! His face just lights up and it is a sure way to get my "serious" son to give me a sweet smile as he excitedly says "skue busss.... more... more skue busss!"


Lauren said...

I'm going to guess 1 and 2 are Mommy and Daddy! Happy Birthday Carter! I have missed watching you grow up! I hope to see you soon.

The Brown Family said...

I have to say "mommy" is growing big time on the list... but not close to #1!

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