Sunday, December 7, 2008

Couldn't Have Been a Better Day For a Party!

I had done some 'historical weather research' of the past few years, while planning Carter's Birthday Party and there seemed to be a dramatic drop in temperatures between the first and second weekends in December... so I accelerated the planning process of his party in just 2 weeks and I must say it paid off! The weather started out in the 30's but by Party Time... the sun was blazing and jackets and sweaters were being stripped off! It seriously was a beautiful birthday weekend (even though his real birthday isn't until Dec. 18!)

The Bouncy House/Slide/Ball Pit was a complete and total hit with Carter and his friends of ALL ages. Between it, the roller coaster and putting green... Carter was in heaven with his closest buddies there to partake in the fun!
Even my work partner and great friend Maria was in the Bouncy House to help the birthday boy learn to master how to climb up the slide. An hour later, he was a pro! Thanks Maria!
Lolli and Pops (Dad and Nancy) were there in full force and Carter even paused for a few seconds to give him a hug!
Carter's wonderful cousins Macy and Marshall were great help with all the little ones running around!
This is one of our neighbor's Avery coming down the slide!

Carter was so excited when his best little friend from daycare, JD, got to come to his party. Carter talks about JD all the time!

Even sweet Ella got in on the slide.... she didn't quite know what to think!
Addie had to give it a try... she liked lounging at the end!

Carter with his Cupcake Birthday Cake - as my mom said, "When Megan cooks, she actually does a good job!" Yes, I overheard her say that at the party! (thanks mom!)
Carter did a great job blowing his candle out... he totally had me thinking he had blown it out... it wasn't until later that night, that Blake told me, he actually had to help blow some! :)
Addie was seriously staring everyone down with a cupcake and trying to talk Ya-Ya into giving her a bite! The 3 of us on Carter's Big Day!

I found candy "Sports Ball Rings" for the cupcakes and Carter loved munching on his!
Marshall and Avery taking turns on the slide!
Macy and her boyfriend Cody Mac! After the party was over and Carter took a long nap and we hung out with some of our close friends from Austin over lunch... the 4 of us just lounged on the Bounce House all afternoon... it was like a huge blow up mattress!
Addie even got some good time on it!
This morning... after Carter slept 2 hours later than normal, we started slowly opening some of the wonderful gifts that he was lucky enough to receive... one of his favorites and his dad's for sure was a kid's golf glove... Thanks Perkins Family!
Another very special and meaningful gift that I know we will have and cherish for many years to come is the Children's Nativity Set that The Metcalf's gave Carter! Carter loves pressing the Angel and listening to Away in a Manger.
Addie even snuck in for some play-time with it as well! We have it already set up in on the piano!

From us, Carter graduated from plastic to a real set of golf clubs for his size...

Watch out Tiger!


The Nash Family said...

WOW! Looks like everyone had a great time. Sorry we missed it. Love all the pics. See ya'll soon

Lauren said...

You know how to throw a party. I love the cupcakes! Very cute! Happy Birthday Carter!

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