Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Carter & #3 of Carter's Top Ten List!


The cutest movie! I am sure it could be much worse of a selection but we could watch this movie 6-8 times everyday and he would be happy! He loves the tractors in the movie when they go "tractor tipping," like "cow tipping." Blake and I pretty much have it memorized.
Sorry to my daily followers for not finishing the TOP 10 list tonight... again, it has been a super long day and we are all hitting the sack.... today at school, they celebrated Carter's birthday with the cupcakes Blake baked and I frosted this morning at 6 AM. We made him his favorite breakfast of cheesy eggs and sang happy birthday to him about 15 times today... he loves hearing it! This morning everytime we said "Happy Birthday Carter," he would run to the kitchen because he automatically thought he got birthday cake when we said that! :)

So now it is off to bed and get ready for Carter's 2 year checkup first thing in the morning at the doctor! And to celebrate afterwards at the big Christmas parties at school! No more baking for me for those... I bought everything! We've made enough cupcakes for a year!

Nothing like a 7AM birthday party....

Even Maverick had to get in on the fun!

Goodnight our big boy on your big day... sleep tight... we love you so much!

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Lauren said...

I think I might actually be able to quote the entire movie. It could definitely be a lot worse.

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