Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just love this age.

Addison is almost 6 1/2 months old and weighed in at 19 pounds and 9 oz. (greater than 97%.) She is 27" long, which is 90%. Her head circumference is is 46, which greater than 97%! (just like her big brother!)
She is beautiful and genuinely a happy, happy baby. She smiles way more than her brother ever did at this age. She is really in love with Maverick and giggles non-stop if he is around. She seems to like balls (apparently, a prerequisite for living in our house) like her brother and laughs uncontrollably when a ball is bounced in front of her. I love that she can sit up so well now and she just sit in the middle of the room and watch all of us around her. She is very content.

Here are a few more recent pics of her over the 10 days of Thanksgiving holidays we were all together! She is gaining such a little personality. Sometimes, this bottom lip tells us she is hungry!
Aunt Erin!

Simply gorgeous!


Tidbits and Snippets said...

Addie is just beautiful! Looking at that picture of her and YaYa, I think she favors your Mom quite a bit!
Just got home and received your Christmas cute! We are actually attempting to take a picture this year to send with our cards....hope we can knock it out over the weekend!! Big Hug and Lots of Love as Always.

Lauren said...

I love this age too. She is adorable. I have to meet her sometime over the Christmas break!

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