Friday, December 26, 2008

What a Memorable Christmas Morning...

At 7AM both kids were "talking" about Santa coming in their cribs. I went to get Addie and Blake got Carter. I heard Carter yell "potty" right when Blake walked in, which is normal. So Blake immeditately took him and sat him on his potty like we have done 100 times in the last 3 months. He sat and read books and then like a Christmas Miracle, he "pee-pee'd" in the potty for the very first time on Christmas morning! So he got a popcicle. We told him he can have a popsicle everytime he goes in his potty!

Then it was breakfast time and "Pops" came over at 7:45AM to watch the kids open all their presents from Santa. Carter liked opening the wrapping paper.

Me-me was there with her famous stockings for the kids... Carter kept going for the football that was in there, she had to hide it to get him to keep looking in the huge stocking.

Then, the last present in Carter's bag from Santa was a brand new basketball... he dropped everything and yelled basketball like it was the first time he had ever seen one. We told him Santa had left one more present upstairs and we all walked up stairs to find his new 4-6 foot goal! His eyes lit up, it was the perfect Christmas morning scene! He shot baskets forever!

Addie enjoyed some good time with "Pops!"

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