Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#6 and #5 on Carter's Top 10 List at Two Years Old


Carter will talk just about anything now. There are times he will get on kicks and he will just talk and talk and although we will only catch a few words, we will pretend we are having a normal conversation and ask him questions and he will just keep going on and on. As you can see with the list of words down the right side of the blog, in the last 7 months, I have tried to keep up with the major words he completely says by himself with no prodding from us. (because he will repeat ANYTHING we say now) His sudden explosion of single words started well before he was 17 months old, but in recent months, it is quite interesting to see the progress he's making on a weekly basis building now up to 5-6 words together at a time. Currently, he likes to talk about Da da and work, for some reason he thinks Blake "works on a airplane." He also now will say "please" on his own while asking for something around 40% of the time. He threw out a unexpected and unasked for "Thank you" tonight after I gave him some milk. NICE!! It seems to be all about repetition while working on the "please" & "thank you's." After reminding him no less than a 100 times a day for the last 12 months, it seems like he is catching on to the idea.


All I can say is he LOVES it. He could be in the WORST mood ever in the morning and once we have breakfast, change his clothes & get outside, his mood changes 180 degrees... AMAZING! Of course, it works in reverse as well. Come in from hours outside and he can suddenly become moody and fussy. So as a result, we spend a TON of time outside. God knew we were going to have Carter 4 years ago when we bought our wonderful home directly next door to a neighborhood basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool and the much used children's playground. We spend a lot of time out there with our new friends Avery and Amelia. And to think, 4 years ago, we almost didn't want to buy the house because it was so close to all those things!!! Always remember things happen for a reason... He has plan!

Speaking of outside, he has a fascination with the moon and literally tries to reach up and touch it. Last Friday night, the moon was at the closet point ever to Earth, so we took Carter outside to see it. His smile on his face said it all as he reached up to grab it. It was much much larger in person than this picture shows... magnificent!

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The Metcalf Family said...

That's awesome. I love your top 10 list and can't wait to see the rest. It totally reminds me of my babies when they were 2. I love seeing Carter in Marshall's PJ's, too. :) So funny that Carter thinks Blake works on airplanes. Macy used to think I worked at Target. We did spend a lot of time there! :)
We are really looking forward to Christmas this year with you guys. I can't wait!

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