Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small Town 4th of July Parade! Ka-chow!!

For the 9AM parade, the guys had the three part "float" transported downtown by 7:15AM, we weren't messing around this year. In addition, just to give the Kingsland people an even bigger surprise, the guys even hid the float behind a building so we could have a huge unveiling closer to start time, once it was fully decorated. It was too funny.
 Julie is the best when it comes to thinking up annual themes. Kingsland had announced that "Shaboom Shaboom" was their theme this 4th of July so we just added in "Ka-chow!" The phrase made famous by Lightening McQueen and went from there! Thank you Julie for your amazing creativeness each and every year!

 All finished and ready for the judging...
 The kids had a megaphone and yelled, "Shaboom Shaboom Ka-chow!" & "Happy Birthday America!" We threw about thirty pounds of candy to the crowds as we passed down Main St.
 I am proud to say that this is our 5th year of participation and nearly the same for Blue First Place ribbons! It is still quite the family affair.

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Brooke said...

Y'all are HI-sterical! Way to go - I prefer a blue ribbon myself :)

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