Friday, July 29, 2011

Downtown Main Street

Saturday afternoon, we met up with the Metcalf's and decided to show downtown Brekenridge that we Texans had arrived for a good time!!!
Our first stop... the local hat shop!
 They were just picking out hats and trying them on. Dozens and dozens of them!
 We were having too much fun! 
 After a couple of more stops, we made a pit stop at an ice cream shop. 
The baby doll lovers: Macy (8) & Addie (3.)
 There is a great toy store in Breckenridge where half the shop is a big play area. All the kids were having a ball.
 Even the older "kids!"
 As we were returning to the condo for a homemade dinner, this is how we found the kids on the walk home... I would say a successful afternoon of wearing them out!

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