Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breckenridge Bound!

We landed in Denver at 9AM and were on the road to make the ninety mile trip to Breckenridge within thirty minutes after landing.
We were taking in all the beautiful sights filled with luscious greeness everywhere. Addie nodded off for a quick nap and Carter got to see MOUNTAINS & SNOW for the very first time!
His sweet reaction...
The long Johnson tunnel was incing on the cake for Carter. We tried explaining to him that we passed through the "Continental Divide" half way through.
We were just excitedly cruising right along, as I reminisced all the familiar Highway 70 West views that I remembered from by adolescents during our annual trips to Breckenridge, when suddenly we saw some black smoke ahead and this is what we entered...
Addie woke up in a great mood and we all had fun waiting for the traffic to start moving again, nearly seventy minutes later. (I'm so glad this happened at the beginning of the trip and not the end!) An eighteen wheeler had become engulfed in flames and there are no alternate routes when going through the mountains. They had shut down the tunnel about thirty cars behind us.
After a stop in Silverthorn for a bite to eat by the Blue River, we walked into the condo and were blown away with the view of the raging river just feet below our window. It wouldn't be long before we would be outside enjoying the famous Colorado Mountain summer.

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