Thursday, December 17, 2009

Carter's Cupcakes!

It seems like more and more I am getting blown away by how independent Carter is becoming. For instance, who would have thought, after a couple of weeks of working with his dad on how to crack an egg during our weekend breakfasts that he can pretty much do it by himself. He's so thorough and detail oriented.

Carter was very sure that he wanted chocolate cupcakes with white icing to take to school to celebrate his birthday with his friends. He was so incredibly proud when he had finished the task. These turned out so much better than last years!
The coolest thing for me was getting to spend mid-morning with Carter's class. It is so cool to see the routines that the kids' have. The one below is a fun and fast-paced song they all sing to get ready to pray.
Then they all fold their hand and bow their heads and say a prayer together. Each day there is one child chosen and for all 3 meals (2 snacks and lunch) who gets to say out loud the 3 things they are thankful to God for during the group prayer. It was so wonderful to see this flow so effortlessly and smoothly.
Finally, Carter personally passed out a cupcake to each friend.
Now, the funny thing that happened at this point is we all got ready to sing Happy Birthday to Carter and I don't know if the lime light and special attention got to him or what but he started to have a little melt down. Ms Sandy had the great idea of singing Away in a Manager instead and all the kids did the sign language signs as they sang. So sweet.
We are so unbelievably thankful for these 3 ladies - Ms. Cassie, Ms. Sandy and Miss Amanda. Although Carter is still the youngest in the class, everyone is officially 3 years old now!

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