Thursday, December 24, 2009

Annual Christmas Eve Celebration!

Aunt Heather and Uncle Chris!

This was so cute because we set up 6 piles of presents for each of the cousins to open each other's presents from one another. They were all so good patiently waiting for the the "start" call!

The reason the picture below is memorable is this is the only present Addie had any interest in opening for the 2 entire days of Christmas. She did start off so strong though!
Some memories...

The attempted semi-annual picture of all 6 cousins of the Brown/Nash Family! (Next year it will be 7.)

The Brown twins and their baby girls.
The funny story going on below was everyone was laughing as Carter and Addie were munching down on Santa's cookies until someone yelled, "Santa won't come if you eat all his cookies." Carter threw down the half eaten cookies quicker than I could snap the picture! It was hysterical.

One year, Santa, you won't have half eaten cookies... we promise.
Our annual tradition of reading our very last "Advent Calendar Book," The Night Before Christmas together. The first time we read this together, Carter was 6 days old and it was 4AM in the morning during a feeding on Christmas Eve.

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