Thursday, December 17, 2009

Carter's Top 10 List at 3 Years Old: #'s 4, 3, 2

#4. - Candy
This boy will do ANYTHING where a reward involves a piece of candy. Whether it be for going #2 in the potty or getting up in the morning and going to the bathroom ALL BY HIMSELF without waking us up, he will do it if we talk "candy" as a prize. Notice this picture was taken at 7AM after a successful trip to the little boy's room and then getting back in his bed all by himself... the things we will do to reward good behavior including M&M's for breakfast (only occasionally!)

#3. - Books

We noticed a strong attraction to books at a fairly young age for Carter and we are so lucky that as he has gotten older and more independent he continues to absolutely love books and to lay in bed and just read. Last week for his birthday, he got the Tag Reader and he uses it perfectly.

#2. - Anything with a BALL or SPORTS

Some would say it was because we introduced him early but I genuinely feel he was made to love all things ball and sports related!

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