Friday, December 18, 2009

Carter's Top 10 List at 3 Years Old: #1

#1. Race Cars
Tonight I asked Carter, "What is one of your most favorite thing?" Carter softly replied, "Balls... basketballs are the bestest." I said, "Really, you don't like race cars?" And he said, "Oh no, mom, they are MY FAVORITE!" So #1 & #2 may be a bit of a toss up. However, slowly beginning about 6 months ago when Carter got his first "Lightening McQueen" match box size car, they have been a continuously growing focus for Carter. About 75% of his birthday gifts involved a race car and Carter couldn't be happier to have a different type of race car in every room in the house. Our hallways get much of the "speedway" action and Carter seems to have a co-driver by his side at all times.

Notice his ultimate prize for a good visit at the dentist laying on his feet... a new race car.

Other things to remember Carter by at 3 years old:
  1. Blake and I have consistently changed from "MaMa" & "DaDa" to "Mom" & "Dad."
  2. His favorite color is red. (His first basketball winter league team color is red!)
  3. Favorite Food: oatmeal
  4. His sweet sweet demeanour. He doesn't like to be alone and prefers Blake or I in the same room with him all the time.
  5. Favorite Toys: match box race cars, balls, motorized Percy, any little toy that moves
  6. Favorite Books: The Picture Encyclopedia
  7. Typical Schedule: up at 6:30AM (in the midst of learning to go to bathroom on his own and get back into bed until 7AM.) Nap usually 1-3:00, bedtime ideally at 8:15 but can easily stay up until 9:00. He won't sleep in in the morning if he goes to bed late.
  8. Favorite People: any man - Dad, Grandpa, PaPa, Pops, Uncle Mike. He's very much a man's man.
  9. We can easily take him out to dinner and he can sit there nicely for an hour if we made him.
  10. So patient with his sister. Most of the time she is beating up on him at this age and he just starts crying and yells for us to come help.
  11. We have used "1-2-3" Discipline since he was 20 months and he gets past "2" to time-out about 2-3X a week now usually when he is exhausted.
  12. Finally, for the most part, quit waking up from afternoon nap in horrible cranky mood like he did for over 9 months.
  13. At 3 years old - he can fit into many 2T things, especially in waist, but length of pants is too short. I am buying mainly 3T for him in everything in the last 2 months.
  14. 14. Weight: Height: (All to come after 3 year check up next week.)
  15. Strange Things: Since early Summer, hates all water in his ears. He wouldn't put his face in the pool water ALL SUMMER and cries when we wash his hair.
  16. Misc.: Ear tubes stayed in 2 years, took him for ENT follow up 2 weeks ago and right one had just fallen out of place and was due to fall out any day. He is still complaining of right ear hurting or "feeling funny" periodically 1-2X a week.

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