Thursday, December 10, 2009

Afternoon with Santa

Our generous friends, The Cox Family, invited us to their special Christmas Party last Sunday where they had asked Santa and Mrs. Claus to attend. Let's just say that it wasn't all smiles like this...
With Santa looking so handsome and sweet, you would have thought Carter and Addie would have had a moment like sweet Cash here...
However, throwing a dramatic tantrum complete with falling to the ground was what Addie did with her time with Santa.
The most amazing experience for Carter began when Santa called "Carter Brown" to come up and sit on his lap. Carter happened to be in the other room eating when this happened. I got him to walk into the room and when Santa said "Hi Carter" in his deep, loud voice, Carter stopped in his tracks and would go NO FARTHER. This picture was taken from the behind Santa while Santa was talking to Carter.
From the 15 foot distance, Santa told Carter that he heard that he "wanted race cars and Thomas the Train for Christmas." When Carter heard that, he looked up in awe at Santa. Santa went on to ask Carter about "Will Ferrell," the Elf Santa had sent to stay with us and report back to him each night. Carter nodded his head in disbelief. For a 3 year old boy, this experience with Santa had to simply be astounding and magical. We are so thankful to have been given this experience with Santa in such a personal and intimate surrounding this year.
Although, similar to last year, we have no photo of just our 2 kids peacefully sitting on Santa's lap. It took Blake and I actually "sitting on Santa's lap" to take this year's picture with no tears. Even 2007 wasn't an easy experience!

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