Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carter's First Dentist Appointment

Just 2 weeks shy of this 3rd birthday, it was time for Carter's first visit to the dentist. After talking to several mommy friends, we choose "Dr. Bob," because we heard what a great doctor he was, how he dressed up everyday for his patients, his incredible proximity to our house and how incredibly cool his office was.

At school, the month prior, they had spent a day talking about the dentist and I had started mentioning it to Carter a few weeks prior. All along he was pretty hesitant but the morning of, when I threw in a "prize" of a new $2 race car, he was suddenly up for anything. I even showed him a picture of the dentist on my phone on the way to the office.
We were sad to discover that "Dr. Bob" had been called to jury duty that morning and therefore would see Dr. Elkins instead. However, the office more than made up for his absence. It is a beautiful, huge office that is covered with great toys and beautiful painted murals. There was a whole room dedicated to video games and each patient's area had a video game.
Carter blew me away with how cooperative he was. While waiting for the hygienist, the nurse made him a fancy balloon dog and we watched two brothers next to us calmly get their teeth cleaned, which was a great thing for Carter to witness. He got to wear super cool sun glasses and opened up for a full cleaning, flossing and while they painted fluoride on his teeth. AMAZING.
Afterwards, he played on the snow board video game. All in all, I thought this was going to be a somewhat traumatic experience but it turned into one of the best mornings ever and as we walked out, we talked about making sure we get there 30 minutes earlier to play with all the cool things in just 6 months!


KK said...

What a big boy!

Sakkara said...

I just showed this to Barrett so he can get mentally prepared! I hope we have as successful of a first visit. Way to go Carter!

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