Friday, September 3, 2010

"Ella Perkins Wear This Too?????"

This is the question I get every single day, usually twice a day, when we are putting clothes on Addie.

We have created a bit of a monster but taking into consideration that these 2 girls' birthdays are 6 days apart and they have seen each other 80% of all of the days they have been alive (no exageration), 2 dozen matching outfits are not even thought of as crazy anymore for Addie and Ella... actually, it has become the norm. Since late May, the girls have matched every single Wednesday. Here are just a handful of the pics I snapped on my phone during drop off.
This last week, we were even able to coordinate Ella Madrid with the same shirt she had given the girls for their birthday.
I don't think I had ever posted the picture that Kelly Boerckel's sister, Melissa, did for the girls a couple of months ago....

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KK said...

They are so cute!

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