Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 2: Labor of Love!

So when Blake said, "Let's Do It!" I quickly became obsessed with every single detail down to the new knobs on her book shelf drawers. I was spending hours on the Internet until 2AM a couple of nights making final decisions while at the same time trying to sell a ton of stuff in her nursery to break even on this little upgrade! 

For the record, I am not crazy to think that Addie even cares about her room and I know she will think I am crazy when she finds out how much thought, energy and planning went into her room at 2 years of age, when she is a mom one day. But it is one of the things in life like the kids birthday parties and such that I absolutely love and couldn't think of doing half way. Blake and I have an awesome habit of having extremely elaborate things that we do ourselves every time when decorating for the kids and we had fun reminiscing all the painting we have done together in our home the last 5 years. He gives me a hard time that I can't just choose a normal paint color instead every time it is some kind of faux finish or extreme design.

The bed is a $49 dollar unfinished bed from IKEA that I hand painted silver and then crackle painted in turquoise and the silver shows through. I bought about 8 different quilts and duvets and finally found the perfect duo.
We opted to get her a memory foam mattress because she sleeps SO WELL on our Temperpedic but NO WAY is hers a TEMPERPEDIC... I am not that crazy! But what was crazy, was how the mattress showed up at our door...
This is how it unpacked and looked normal all within 90 seconds...
The gorgeous sage green chandelier was repainted by Blake at 10 PM at night... now talk about dedication right!?!?!? He knew how obsessed I was with the room and was happy to help me in the evenings.

I am glad we know all our neighbors or they would have thought we were NUTS!!!

The diamonds were one of the many finishing touches and took me about 3 evenings to complete. I would rush home at 5PM and try to get a coat done before Blake would get home with the kids.
I couldn't be happier with the way all the final touches came together and was so excited to show Addie her BIG GIRL BED!!!

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Jessica Tondre said...

It turned out beautifully!

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