Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carter's Move To The "4 Year Old Class"

Carter has made 2 moves in the last 3 months of the summer, very similar to last summer. He now is ultimately in Ms. Christine's 4 Year Old Class for this school year. Although we were so sad to see Ms. Sandy's class go, this class has much more of a "classroom feel" and I feel really good everyday when I drop him off as they are usually already in the middle of their structured lesson going over numbers in English and Spanish. Each afternoon I pick Carter up, he has been sitting at a table one-on-one with one of the afternoon teachers practicing writing letters on a dry erase board.... at 5 PM?!?!? WOW... I am super impressed.
Just in the last 2 weeks, Carter has had HOMEWORK!!!! REAL HOMEWORK! The first week, he had to fill out the form below. I am so proud of my baby boy for writing his letters so well.
This week's assignment was all about his family and he again did such a great job staying focused and writing at 3 1/2 years old.
The comments his new teachers have made so far in 2 weeks are:
  • "Carter is a great colorer.  He really stays in the lines well. I can tell him to color the 10 alligators hidden in the picture and he has them all colored perfectly."
  • "He is very focused and follows directions very well."
I don't want to get to excited but I know that all kids have their up and down moments at school as Carter has had and I want to make sure and remember these great moments now!

Other things about Carter at 3 & 3/4 years old!
HE LOVES LOVES LOVES PUZZLES and he usually starts and ends each of his days putting one together.
We have noticed a recent little growth spurt as many of his shorts and shirts he has worn comfortably since late last summer (when they were big) are suddenly getting tighter. He has evenings of continuous eating.... our little boy is growing and wearing most things in a 4T now.
His main passion at 3 and 3/4 of age is SPIDER MAN and BATMAN. He simply can't get enough. He has some kind of draping head piece (usually a red Elmo or brown horse hooded bath towl on himself for 2-3 hours in the evening.) He doesn't blink while watching a 30 minute Batman cartoon.
He still adores all small babies and rushes over to them to gently play and give them as much attention as possible.
He continues to ask really REALLY good questions like, "How does God make babies?" just last week....
He is becoming "a boy" more and more everyday and Blake and I are trying to balance his need for chasing his sister around wearing a cape and throwing his arms around like massive swords while yelling "I'm going to shoot you!" It seems like we are consistently having little conversations about what and what not is acceptable to say and do... but hey... isn't that what being a 3 years old and 2 young & inexperienced parents is all about?!?!? We are learning and couldn't be HAPPIER to be going through it with such an amazing child as Mr. Carter Brown.

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