Saturday, September 4, 2010

Addie's 2 Year Old Class

Addie is doing really well in her 2 year old class room, the same wonderful room, Carter had 17 months earlier. Mrs. Cissy is the best thing I could have ever been blessed with especially as a new mom with Carter. She potty trained Carter at 2 years old and help me get through the roller coaster ride of having a 2 year old. She tells me when to worry and more importantly, when NOT to worry about certain behaviors or stages!
This is the first class, at 24 months, where they begin to have a very structured learning time every single morning. A few of the morning rituals includes singing "Good Morning How Are You" in English and Spanish, going around the room and she asks each person, "How are you today?" where she waits for each one to raise their hands up in the air and say "Happy!" They practice counting on the calendar to whatever day it is, they go through all the days of the week and even a "special helper of the day" gets to go to the window and report back if it is raining, sunny or cloudy and they discuss the weather. Addison is excelling at all the lessons and we couldn't be happier with her development as she comes home daily singing yet another new song or saying a set of new words. Her newest accomplishments just this week are being able to point to majority of letters when asked where each letter is, saying 1-10 in Spanish and recent new questions of "Why??" all the time and "Whatcha doing????"
This is Ms. Rachel who has been in this room since Carter was there and we were so sad to see her leave to finish her last semester in college. We will miss her as she has made this 2 year room so special knowing she is taking care of both my babies!

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