Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carter's FIRST Attempt At Water Skiing at 3!!

There was no plan for Carter to ski anytime this summer but everyone at the lake this past weekend was talking about it, therefore, Mr. Carter Brown got really excited about trying it out. Ya-Ya brought the special "learner board" out for it's very first use. On land, Carter was looking good!
I helped him put his feet in and daddy drove the Sea Doo.
On our mark, get set, go!!!
In true Carter determination fashion, he hung on for a good 20 feet while his feet were way off the board and he got BLASTED by the water!
Still hanging on...
Finally, he let go! :) All 10 of us on the dock were cheering and clapping like crazy for him telling him how great he did so he quickly calmed down and took in all the praise.
I think 4 will be perfect and the good news is, he's already talking about trying again.

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