Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kiddie Park

Kiddie Park is where I had a couple of my birthday parties when I around 3 or 4 year old.  It was recently  re-opened and I had been dying to take the kids there. It didn't disappoint and it is seriously the perfect "mini-carnival" for toddlers and young children!
Every single ride is the EXACT same, minus the "Little Dipper" rollercoaster.. but the helicopters were a blast and were Addie's absolute FAVORITE ride! Notice how Blake is not in any of these pictures, as this spinning and flying ride made him nauseous by the 3rd time. This was the first time he was begging to take pictures if I would keep riding with the kids!
The original carousel was our first ride and Addie wasn't too interested in actually riding a horse but she enjoyed sitting on the benches for the ride.
Carter loved the "School Bus" ride!
This was one of Addie's favortites - the horse drawn carriage!
I remember the airplane ride as if it were yesterday!
The ol' cars were a major hit as well!
This Ferris Wheel is awesome, the perfect mini size. Addie acted as if she was just going get right on with Carter. Blake and I were kinda surprised but let her do her thing.
Right after they shut the door she wanted out... so no Ferris Wheel ride for Addie on this first visit.
We had an absolute awesome morning at Kiddie Park and look forward to many more trips here in the next few years!

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Tidbits and Snippets said...

WOW!!! i used to go to kiddie park with grami...every summer. loved the little dipper and just crazy that we are such dear friends and have fond memories of the same spot! who knows...maybe we rode the little dipper at the same time.....I def. have to bring trey.

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