Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cousin Time & Addie's Easter Dress

It was time for the big hay ride with the family. It was SUCH BEAUTIFUL weather and we enjoyed all the wild flowers in the neighborhood and waving at all the neighbors.  Half way through the hay-ride, we got a call on Grandpa's cell phone that the Easter Bunny had just come by the house again and that we should race home fast to see what he left!
Before the hayride, we colored all kinds of eggs. Aunt Erin led the activity and we had some BEAUTIFUL eggs!

Carter was moving so fast during the Easter egg hunt, this was the best picture I could snap! However his speedyness paid off with his loot!
Every young girl must have an "Easter Dress," and Addie's didn't disappoint anyone! She looked so beautiful in it as she very thoughtfully and patiently picked up Easter eggs.

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