Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Friendship Strengthens!

Over 22 months these 2 girls have become so mobile and energetic. With Mike working so many late nights during tax season, we have had Ella and Megan over 1-2X a week over the last couple of months for dinner, play & bath time and as a result the girls have given us so many unplanned and fun picture opportunities. The catch being KEEPING UP WITH THEM! I am not kidding but ALL of the photos here were taken within 30 minutes and we were literally running at times to keep up with them!
Megan - we have so enjoyed spending so much time with you and Ella over the last few months "hanging out" waiting for Baby Perkins!

1 comment:

alicia/brandon said...

super cute pics!! you would think these two were twins!! they certainly have a lot of fun together!. totally impressed that megan is still out and about too!

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